Planetary Soundwork

We are energetical beings, our manifested body is compressed energy. We are in permanent energetical exchange with our environment, because everything is energy, is vibration, is oscillation. We recognize these energies in and around ourselves more or less awarely, we re-act more or less awarely to, in best case with, the energies around ourselves, according to our consciousness and awareness.
Also planets and the constellations of the stars are oscillation/vibration and each of them stands for spezial energies and structures in psychological astrology. For example, Mars describes our power of performance, activity, courage, acting, realization, assertiveness, self-assertion and striving to the outside.
So every planet, every constellation, every transit, every aspect stand for special energies, structures and characteristics. Every human being bares these energies, structures and characteristics in individual development and moulding. Via sound, expecially that one of the voice, these energies, structures and characteristics can made audible, can be transported from the subtle into the manifestation, and be usable for the own system.
Through special training it is possible to tune into these energies, structures and vibrations, to get into the own inner resonance, to recognize and disband limitations and to liberate these energies into the pristine and constructive form in the own aura.
So the own structures, characteristics, the own energy field and the surrounding energies, like days energies, zeitgeist and other phenomenons can be handled wilful and be used for the own personal and spiritual development and the requests of every day life can be faced constructively.

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