The voice bares the own nature in every detail it is composed of and that is entitative. It reveals the inside - the feelings, thoughts, emotions, mind, structure and the own inner being - directly and spontanously. Via voice the inside is brought to the outside and is getting perceivable, experienceable and tangible there. It is becoming a kind of mirror where oneself can realize oneself, can remember forgotten aspects and integrate them. To the same degree of self-awareness the voice can conduce to accept oneself, to develop ones potential and to clarify possible catenations, connections and adhesions.

Everyone has got an expressive voice that allowes him to express himself in a very sophistocated and distinguished way. Most people have bounded this capability. These boundaries, often recognizable as a disagreeable phenonemon of the voice, can be detected and handled by dint of Healing Singing. According to experience it is potential hiding behind a disagreeable phenonemon of the voice that is willing to be transformed, re-integrated and being activated. In its transformed shape the former boundary appears expanding the sound.

So to contact the own inner being the own soul will be feasible, because clinging renders possible to bring each one of your bodies, even the ethereal ones, into vibration. This vibration, this sound can be used for *cognition thyself * and to become consistant with the own, true and pristine light.

This kind of voice-experience can turn into the most exciting and fulfilling journey I know: the voyage to oneself.